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The onsen soap made at this 100-year-old ryokan is made by a soap manufacturing company and conforms to ingredient analysis and sales standards, so you can be assured of its safety. We also offer a variety of other products that are available at the inn.

Founded in 1912, this venerable, purely Japanese ryokan inn has operated for over 100 years. Its selling point is the Mamane Onsen hot spring bath, with skin-beautifying effects that have even been recommended by physicians.

Visitors come from all over the country and even overseas. In response to the requests of guests, it also sells original soap made with the spring water. The pH value of the hot spring components is extremely high at 9.2, and the soap has been scientifically shown to be effective on skin, particularly in treating atopic dermatitis and burns in addition to beautifying skin. In addition, the soap is in compliance with ingredient analysis and sales standards, with guaranteed safety.

Effective beauty skin bath moisturizing face whitening soap

A spring water soap for everyone from infants to adults, made with 100% hot spring ingredients and packed with the goodness of nature. This soap is free of fragrances and colorings. It contains collagen moisturizing components to offer a powerful skin-beautifying effect.

Above all, it is unique in yielding the effect of the hot spring, and is said to benefit those with delicate skin or atopic dermatitis, and to aid in cleaning after burns or injury, among its effects. (In all cases, lather well and use gently)

This soap can be used not only on the face but everywhere from head to foot. Its effect in removing old keratin and sebum is easily seen. The factor behind the effects is the components of the inn's hot spring. Masutomi Ryokan's alkaline simple hot spring, known as Mamaneyu, has a high pH value of 9.2. This unique feature has been showcased in magazines and many other media in Japan.

Soap basics: Hot spring water, sucrose, glycerin, maltitol, water, ethanol, palm fatty acid, monosodium glutamate, water-soluble collagen, etidronic acid

Two weights are available: 80g and 100g.

$6.50 / piece - $4.50 / 30 piece


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